Packless Diaphragm Valve (Hand Shut Off Valves)
Application Design

Hand Shut Off valves are compatible with all CFC, HCFC and HFC Refrigerants and oils and other Industrial gases / fluids non-corrosive to Steel and Brass

• Superior Valve Body design allows gripping while tightening / loosening the Flare Connections.
• Superior Bonnet Design allows easy access when disassembling / assembling for solder connections.
• Full port openings for maximum flow, minimal pressure drop and long life.
• Back seating minimizes moistures intrusion.
• Stainless steel Diaphragm for positive isolation ensures hermetic sealing of the flow area.
• Thermally stable plastic Knob for operation in wide temperature range.

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Packless Diaphragm Valve (Hand Shut off Valves)